We are expanding "My Cup Of Tea" to "Kaleidoscope", a video collection to cover all type of events or activities in our community.


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      Feature of the Month: Interview with Chinese Painting Artist, Dr. Tsui 
  Michele interviewed Dr. Tsui, a talented Chinese painting artist who had won many awards in various cities of the U.S.  His works will be displayed at "SCA meets CHC, a glimpse of Chinese heritage & culture event" on 4/15/2018 at Delaware Ballroom.
Episode 11: Jean Karmindro's African Grey "KC"
Episode 13: My Pekingese "Furby" by Y. Chen
Episode 15: Games People Play (Mahjong)
Episode 17:  SCA Woofstock '17
Episode 19:  Yuan Ji Dance
Episode 21: 採訪中國書法愛好者蕭正華先生 
Episode 23: "Chang'e flying to the moon" 
Episode 25:  CHC Thanksgiving Party  
Episode 12: Tai Chi Sword & Tai Chi Fan
Episode 16:  We love line dance!
Episode 18: CHC Outing Picnic
Episode 20: "Bali" by Tony Yan
Episode 22: Trip to Bryce Canyon
Episode 26: 憶兒時 "One day when we were young"