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Shen K. Yang Ph.d. (楊憲貴)

 It could happen to you!!

Time: 5/30/2016 Monday Morning around 2:00 AM
Place:  Sun City Anthem, Black Mountain Village. 

A pickup truck was burglarized and a few things stolen. Suspect was caught on security camera. We helped the victim to post this video on YouTube.  In 4 days, there were 1250 views and the thief was identified.
SCA residents, park your cars in garage or at least lock you cars on your drive way and do not leave your garage door opener in the car!!!

Burglarized victims and their stories.

Real people, real stories, it could happen to any of us!  

On 3/29/17, SCA Community Patrol invited 3 victims of home burglaries to their training meeting to share their experience.  You can watch the following Home Safety Series episodes and learn how to improve your home security.

Home Safety Tips:

Our CHC Member and also a SCA Community Patrol member & SCA TV Station reporter, Michele Kan interviewed SCA Patrol Chief Steve Anderson for SCA TV Station in 4 episodes and Patrol members in the last 2 episodes. These 6 episodes cover many important home safety tips for our residents.

Episode 1: Introduction of SCA Community Patrol
Episode 3: Be Safe conscious on daily routine
Episode 2: Enhance your home security
Episode 4: How to deal with unusual situations
Episode 5: Meet the patrol members (1)
Episode 6: Meet the patrol members (2)

CHC members who joined SCA Community Patrol Team

Use this HPD link to search Crime report near you.


(Click here to view SCA Crime Map Instruction)

View the example of Crime Map of Sun City Anthem area in May 

Driving Patrol:  James Fu
Dispatcher:  Julie Lei
Driving Patrol:  Diana Shen
Walking Patrol: James & Susan Tsui
Driving Patrol:  Robert Chen
Biking Patrol & Driving Patrol: Gene Fan
Driving Patrol:  Vincent & Michele Kan
  Goodwill Ambassador Award 2016
7 CHC members who joined CP Team talked at CHC Information Forum Meeting 6/5/2017

June 5 Monday 2-3 PM  CHC Information Forum

                     "Home Safety"

        Presented by SCA Community Patrol Chief, Gene Freeze

              At Meeting Room of Independence Building

* Introduction of SCA Community Patrol, history & its functions

*  What services does SCA community Patrol provide SCA residents?  

*  What is "Reverse Directory"?  Why is it important to you?                  

*  Henderson Police Department officer offers Home Safety Tips.

*  Introduce CHC members who joined SCA Community Patrol.

*  Questions & Answers

Here is the highlight of Chief Gene's speech.  

Gene delivered an excellent speech to a "Full House Audience" and gave them a lot helpful information about "Community Patrol" & "Home Safety Tips".

A "Full House"
A "Straight" talk

Quick glimpse of SCA Community Patrol Team

Watch this SCA CP Introduction film!
SCA-Community Patrol Team 166 members as of December, 2017
SCA CP Training Session
SCA CP member patrols at night
Vacation House Check 
SCA CP office (next to Tennis Court)
24/7 patrol with 3 vehicles, drivers needed!
Come join us!
Henderson Police Chief & Officers visited SCA-CP
SCA CP will install window / sliding door locks free!!           You pay materials cost only (normally $3-4)
Open Garage Check at night
Let's work together to keep our home safer!