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Chinese New Year Banquet at Rio Casino

On February 3, over 210 members and guests gathered at KJ Dim Sum & Seafood located at Rio Casino to celebrate Chinese New Year, year of the rooster.  It was a great success.  A 10-course banquet filled with seafood and other delicacies was thoroughly enjoyed. 

"Water Quality in your home" by Dr. Shen Yang

CHC Spring outing at Anthem Hills Park

On March 12, Dr. Shen Yang gave a thorough speech of "Water Quality in your home".  

Click here for a detailed write up of this topic.

The Chinese Arts & Crafts classmates meet every Friday morning to chat, joke, and create things they like.  You can be a novice, yet you learn from each other and have lots of fun. Look at these beautiful arts & crafts they made!

CHC Game Day Grand Reopening!


Thanks to Diane M. who initiated the contact with Danielle of LifeStyle, followed up by Alice H. & Celia C., Game Day has reopened on 4/11/17. 24 members came to play on that date.

It took quite an effort to secure the time & room for this event.  There are 12 tables (48 players) available.  Please come to enjoy the fun game and also support this event!

Modern Chinese Dance Workshop

Listen to what the Dancers  said in the video...
"..Fitness & Fun..."
"Good for body & soul..."
"Exercise without thinking of it..."
"Nice music & Jian Sheng  (exercise your body)..."
"I wish we had line dance every single day!"

Health Enhancement Gathering

For one and half hours a day, 3 days a week, 40 some students gathered at Liberty Center to practice Tai chi with Thomas Cheng, group leader.  They start with health exercises for warm-up led by Christina, then continue with one full cycle Tai chi led by Thomas.

His Tai chi style is a slow flowing exercise in 37 postures.  Thomas describes the 5 “S” in his movements: “Stressless, Steady, Slow, Smooth, Spherical.”  Or “鬆,穩,慢,勻,圓” in Chinese.  Throughout the exercise, the energy flow, qi, circulates inside the body and result in harmony of the body and mind.  

Thomas is a living proof of Tai chi after many years battling with heart conditions. 

    Spring Outing (Picnic)  


Our annual Spring Picnic was held on April 24th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Anthem Hills Park.  About 100 members attended.

Information Forum: June 5 at 2-3 pm

Morris/Nelson Room, Independence Bldg. 

The Info Form meeting was a great success!  We had a great turnout, Chief Gene Freeze's speech was informative and full of helpful tips.  Michele and I would like to thank everyone who came to the meeting, especially the seven CHC members who also serve at SCA CP Team. 


Special thanks to CHC activities group leaders for encouraging their class members to come to this meeting.  


Here are highlights of the video from Gene's speech.  I had to make tough decisions in editing to cut an hour long speech into a 9 min. highlight video.