2018 Chinese New Year Dinner Party
SCA meets CHC: 4/15/18 
A Chinese Heritage & Culture Show

April 15, 2018 2-4 pm

Delaware Grand Ball Room

All performed by CHC members

Details to follow

2018 Dragon Boat Festival
June 16, Saturday 4 - 9 PM
Anthem Grand Ballroom
2018 Major Events Calendar
CHC 2017 Major Events:
Chinese New Year Celebration -
On February 3, over 210 members and guests gathered at KJ Dim Sum & Seafood located at Rio Casino to celebrate Chinese New Year, year of the rooster. It was a great success. A 10-course banquet filled with seafood and other delicacies was thoroughly enjoyed. 
Spring Outing (Picnic)
April 24, 2017 Monday 11am - 3pm
Anthems Hills Park. (2256 Reunion Drive, Henderson)
Dragon Boat Festival -
May 28, 2017  Sunday 4-9pm
Grand Ballroom, Anthem Center
(Photos taken by Celia Chang)
MidAutumn Festival -
October 1, 2017 Sunday 4-8pm
Grand Ballroom, Anthem Center.

We had a blast!!  On October 1, about 300 members and guests gathered at Delaware Room to celebrate the Moon Festival, a tradition carried on in China over 3000 years.

Throughout the evening, the entire room was filled with music and laughter. There were Taichi Fan dance and singing accompanied by ukulele and Hawaiian dance.  Game of “Name that tune” of songs titled with word “moon” made audiences searching their memories and we had many happy winners.  Live music was provided by Desert Wave Band and social dance afterwards.

Highlight of the night is the musical play of “Chang’e Flying to the Moon” written and directed by Vincent Kan.  Chang’e, the fabled moon goddess, flew to the moon after drank the immortality elixir which the Queen Mother of the West gave to her husband Hou Yi.  A total of 48 members dedicated their time and talents in production and performance of the play.  What an excellent performance they presented to the audiences!  Many stars are born!! 

Thanksgiving Party -
November 19, 2017 Sunday 4-9pm
Grand Ballroom, Anthem Center
 2017 Information Forum:
March 12, 2017  Sunday 2-4pm Morris/Nelson Rooms Independence Center.  
Dr. Shen Yang gave a speech of "Water Quality in your home"
A detailed write up can be viewed here
 *June 05, 2017  Monday 2-4pm Morris/Nelson Room, Independence Bldg.  
Topic:   Home Safety by SCA Community Patrol Chief; Gene Freeze.

The Info Form meeting was a great success!  We had a great turnout, Chief Gene Freeze's speech was informative and full of helpful tips.  Michele and I would like to thank everyone who came to the meeting, especially the seven CHC members who also serve at SCA CP Team.  


Here are highlights of the video from Gene's speech.  I had to make tough decisions in editing to cut an hour long speech into a 9 min. highlight video.

*September 10, 2017  Sunday
Morris/Nelson Room, Independence
Topic:   "Behavioral Investing" by Jian Wang
*December 10, 2017. Sunday 2-4 pm  Morris/Nelson Rooms, Independence Center.  
Topic:  Skin Care by Dr. Jan Fu

Hundreds of guests celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival at Ballroom, Anthem Center on 5/28/2017.  

  Party Photos by Chris Wu

2018 CHC Chinese New Year Celebration

Time: February 8, 2018 5:00 PM

Location: KJ Dim Sum & Seafood at Rio Casino Las Vegas