"Kaleidoscope" Old Page (1)

Episode 1: Let's Karaoke

Episode 3: Ping Pong Fan 乒乓迷     
Episode 7: " I love to keep my fingers moving"
Episode 9: 閑聊京劇 with George Yu & Pearl Wong
Episode 11: Jean Karmindro's African Grey "KC"
Episode 13: My Pekingese "Furby" by Y. Chen
Episode 15: Games People Play (Mahjong)

Episode 2: We Love Tai Chi

 Episode 4: 獨樂樂,不如眾樂樂
Episode 6: Nature Explorer; Banff, Canada
Episode 8:  返老還童, 重溫舊夢
Episode 10:  Men's best friends from China
Episode 12: Tai Chi Sword & Tai Chi Fan
Episode 16:  We love line dance