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Introduced by our own CHC members

Moon Festival (Mid Autumn Festival) 中秋節

Musical play   "Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月

        Produced and performed by CHC members

"Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月Video

Story line:


A long time ago, in ancient China, 10 suns in the sky parched the land and no crops could grow.  A brave warrior, Hou Yi, 后羿 shot 9 suns down, so only 1 sun left in the sky.  Heavenly Empress 王母娘娘 awarded Hou Yi with a bottle of elixir which can make him live forever.  She also introduced beautiful Chang’e 嫦娥 to be his wife. 


Hou Yi became proud and arrogant.  He drank heavily and Chang’e was very lonely.  She drank the elixir, flew to the moon and became the Moon Goddess.  When we revere the moon on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, we hope to see the Moon Goddess, Chang’e, and her bunny rabbit.


Hou Yi repented and quitted drinking.  He vowed to the Moon and asked for forgiveness. Chang’e came down from the moon and reunited with him. (Dream or real? we let the audience to decide)

Six scene musical play: (六幕歌舞劇)



Scene 1: To save the people, Hou Yi Shot the extra suns



Scene 2: Heavenly Empress awarded Hou Yi



Scene 3: Hou Yi got drunk often, Chang’e drank elixir in despair                                                  


Scene 4: Chang’e flew to the moon



Scene 5: Hou Yi quitted drinking and asked for forgiveness                                                   


Scene 6: Dream or real?  They reunited in the moon river. 

Credits & Acknowledgement:


All "Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月 cast and stage production team are our CHC members.  We thank all of them for their dedication and support.

            Chinese Heritage Club

            Moon Festival Program

     October 1, 2017  Sunday  4:00 – 8:00 p.m.

We had a blast!!  On October 1, about 300 members and guests gathered at Delaware Room to celebrate the Moon Festival, a tradition carried on in China over 3000 years.

Throughout the evening, the entire room was filled with music and laughter. There were Taichi Fan dance and singing accompanied by ukulele and Hawaiian dance.  Game of “Name that tune” of songs titled with word “moon” made audiences searching their memories and we had many happy winners.  Live music was provided by Desert Wave Band and social dance afterwards.

Highlight of the night is the musical play of “Chang’e Flying to the Moon” written and directed by Vincent Kan.  Chang’e, the fabled moon goddess, flew to the moon after drank the immortality elixir which the Queen Mother of the West gave to her husband Hou Yi.  A total of 48 members dedicated their time and talents in production and performance of the play.  What an excellent performance they presented to the audiences!  Many stars are born!! 

Here is the highlights of that night.

4:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Check-ins, Social time (DJ and Live band music)

See party preparation video here. A lot works.  Many thanks to the volunteer helpers)

Background music "Blue Moon" played by Desert Wave Band

See photos of Moon Festival Party by Chris Wu
Background music "Surf Rider" played by Desert Wave Band
5:00 – 6:00 p.m.  Dinner (DJ and Live band music)
Highlight of Desert Wave Band's playing 沙漠音浪樂團

Musical "Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月cast:


Hou Yi 后羿 (Sulien Yao), Chang’e 嫦娥 (Vicki Van Fossen), Heavenly Empress 王母娘娘 (Dorothy Yu), Ten Suns 太陽 (Bill Yuan, Shannon Shen, Limin Shih, Joseph Wang, CT Shen, Steve Wang, Alan Lan, Reynold Chen, Gene Fan, TK Li),  Drinking friends 醉漢 (Gene Fan, CT Shen, Joe Wang), Heavenly soldiers 天兵 (Bill Yuan, Limin Shih, Reynold Chen, Steve Wang),

Musical "Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月line dancers: 

("Fly me to the moon" & "月亮代表我的心“ Moon represents my heart)


Reenie Wang, Celia Chang, Alice Wang, Elaine Yamada, Frieda Li, Helen Park, Lena Chen, Susan Tsui, Jeanne McDowell, Kuan Feucht, Anna Wang, Joan Hu, Yueh-Shiou Wu, Roxy Fan, Anita Fan, Jean Karmindro, James Tsui, Linda Cervan, Tish Campbell, Meisheng Lu, Erica Kovacs, Sue Christensen

Musical "Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月Ballroom dancers:  ("Moon River" 月河)

Allison & Alan Lee, Virginia & Allen Dien, Richard & Lydia Ho, Jeff & Nan Wu

Musical "Chang'e flying to the moon" 嫦娥奔月production team: 


Director & Sound 導演和配音 (Vincent Kan), Scripts & Narration 劇本和旁白 (Michele Kan), Choreographer 舞蹈指導 (Reenie Wang), Lighting 燈光 (TJ Hu, Alan Lan, TK Li), Stage 舞臺 (Mary Hu, Su Ching Smith), Props 道具 (TK Li, Bill Yuan).

6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Entertainment  (Michele Kan as M.C.)


** Greetings from CHC board: Alice Hwang


** Opening song: “Pipeline” by Desert Wave Band 沙漠音浪樂團

** Tai Ji Fan 太極扇:  “China Heart” “中國心”  by Lizwu Wu

** Somewhere over the rainbow/It’s a wonderful world” medley

Singers: Kathy and Wanyen Chang, Ukulele: Vincent Kan

Dancers: Lena Chen, Vicki Van Fossen, Elaine Yamada, Reenie Wang

** Game time!  "Name that tune": Hosted by Michele Kan 

Guess the name of 10 songs which have "moon" in the title.

                           5 cash prizes

                      1st  prize:          $50

                      2nd prize:          $30

                      3rd  prize:          $20

                      4th & 5th prize:  $10 each

** 1st prize winner of “Name that tune” Virginia Dien

** Ending song: “Wipe Out” by Desert Wave Band 沙漠音浪樂團

Special thanks to Bill and Amy Yuan for providing the beautiful Chinese red lanterns.

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.  Social Dance (DJ by Vincent Kan)

Credits & Acknowledgement:


DJ : Vincent Kan

Live Music: Desert Wave Band 沙漠音浪樂團 (Michele & Vincent Kan, Phil Ford, Curt Jensen, Ted Hanlon)

Our special thanks to Ary Mirochnik, SCA-TV Manager and dear friend of Vincent and Michele Kan, for his professional work in photographing, video taping and editing of our Moon Festival event.  Our entire CHC community is grateful for the numerous hours of dedication and the professional masterpieces he produced for us.