Silk painting in Gongbi style 工筆畫

Gongbi paintings are characterized by meticulous brushwork and highly colored palettes.

Our CHC member; Mrs. Amy Yuan demonstrates her Chinese painting in "Gongbi" style.工筆畫.  She has won numerous awards at many art exhibitions in the U.S. as well as China.

Amy's 2011 彩墨雅叙书画作品展 Shanghai, China

Chinese Heritage & Culture: Introduced by CHC members (1)

Tai Chi: 太極拳

Tai Chi is one of the most recognized Chinese heritages.  Watch the video of CHC members demonstrating this Chinese ancient art.

For one and half hours a day, 3 days a week, 40 some students

gathered at Liberty Center to practice Tai chi with Thomas Cheng,

group leader.  They start with health exercises for warm-up led by

Christina, then continue with one full cycle Tai chi led by Thomas.

His Tai chi style is a slow flowing exercise in 37 postures. 

Thomas describes the 5 “S” in his movements: “Stressless, Steady,

Slow, Smooth, Spherical.”   Or, “鬆,穩,慢,勻,圓” in Chinese.  

Throughout the exercise, the energy flow, qi, circulates inside the

body and result in harmony of the body and mind.  

Thomas is a living proof of Tai chi after many years battling with

heart conditions. 

Mrs. Amy H. Yuan started her journey of Chinese painting in Gongbi style 11 years ago.  Today, she is known for her achievement with art exhibits in U.S. as well as in China.  Gongbi (“meticulous” in Chinese) is a style of traditional Chinese paintings, originated from painters worked in palaces.  It uses highly detailed brushstrokes to give precise details.  They are painted on silk in colors, unlike paper like other Chinese paintings.  Some colors need to be brushed over 20 different times to reach the desired shade.  Depends on the details involved, a silk painting takes well over a hundred hours to finish a painting in size of 21” x 48”.    

No, no!  This is not a German Shepard Dog, it is a Kunming Wolfdog 昆明

Can you believe all these dog breeds in this video all originated from China?


Tibetan Mastiff 西藏獒犬, Chongqing Dog重慶犬, Shar Pei沙皮, Kunming Wolfdog昆明狼犬 , Pug哈巴狗, Xiasi Dog下司犬, Crested Dog鳳頭犬, Chow Chow 鬆獅犬, Taiwan Mountain Dog臺灣土狗, Pekingese北京狗(獅子狗), Japanese Chin狆 (actually it is Chinese) and Shih Tzu西施犬.  


My favorite Chinese dog breeds are: Chow Chow, Kunming Wolfdog & Tibetan Mastiff.  I Love big dogs. I had a German Shepard when I was a little boy and a Doberman Pitcher 30 years ago.


What's your choice?  Maybe you already have a pet or two. Please share photos of your pets with us.

Send photos to

Thanks, Jean Karmindro & Y. Chen for participation.

Click here and view their videos; My Pet Bird & My Pet Dog on "My Cup of Tea" page

Awesome dog breeds from China

Beijing Opera: 京劇

"A Casual Talk On Beijing Opera" 京劇 

With Pearl Wong, George Yu & Michele Kan   

"麻將 Mahjong": 

One of the most popular games people play in Chinese community.  A true Chinese Heritage.

Click here to see a brief story of mahjong:

Story of fans “ 扇”

When we think of Chinese fan, we associate it with elegance and beauty.  The Chinese character for fan “ 扇” is comprised of two parts: house roof and feathers.   The oldest existing Chinese fans trace back to the 2nd century BC.  Over thousands of years, fan evolved from object of practical use to symbol of status.  Materials used vary from feathers, paper, to silk.  They were painted by prominent artists or written in Chinese calligraphy by famous poets.  A photo of silk fan painted by Amy Yuan, a CHC member, illustrates the beauty of fans.


Unbeknownst to most people, fans can also be used in martial arts.   Our CHC member, Lizwu Wu, has practiced Taichi Fan dance for many years.  Taichi Fan dancers use fans while performing dance steps that incorporate Taichi and Kung Fu.  Folded fans can be used to point strike or backhand slap, accompanied with Taichi movements. 

Tai Chi Sword & Tai Chi Fan 太極劍 / 太極扇  Demonstrated by Lizwu Wu
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